Assistant Field Hockey Coach

Company Name:
Stevens Instritute of Technology
## Requirements
Bachelor's degree required; master's preferred. Previous coaching experience at the collegiate level is strongly preferred
## Job Description
Duties & Responsibilities:
1) Adhere to and enforce all policies and procedures of the Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation and University as well as the rules and regulations of the Empire 8 Conference, the NCAA and other authorities that may legitimately influence the intercollegiate athletics program.
2) Assist in the recruitment of student athletes. Ensure compliance with NCAA guidelines for contacting and entertaining prospects. Work closely with admissions department to ensure selection of appropriate student athletes for Stevens.
3) Provide leadership and instruction in the personal and athletic development of student athletes, including counseling team members in academic, disciplinary and personal matters, when appropriate. Ensure that team (including coaching staff) participates in athletic department sponsored programs offered to benefit student athlete wellness and physical and mental health (guest speakers).
4) Initiate and coordinate with the equipment manager the selection, purchase, fitting and maintenance of team equipment, to include uniforms, athletic equipment and supplies.
5) Work with the head coach in scheduling and conducting regular practice sessions as permitted by NCAA rules and regulations. Develop and implement strategies for motivating student athletes to perform at maximum levels as both individuals and a team.
6) Arrange team travel transportation arrangements through associate director of athletics for facilities and operations. Arrange team travel lodging arrangements through business manager. Arrange team meal money through office manager. Provide a complete travel itinerary to director of athletics prior to each overnight trip. Ensure that the team dresses appropriately when traveling: coordinated warm up, jacket, tie, slacks, polo shirts, etc. Sandals, jeans, tee shirts and non-Stevens athletic gear are prohibited!
7) Assist with approved fund raising activities as requested. All team fund raiser efforts must be approved by the director of athletics after fund raising proposal form has been completed.
8) Assist in attempts to increase interest in the sport and attendance at competitions.
9) Work with head coach in developing and articulating to student athletes the departmental and team rules regarding appearance, practice, class attendance, punctuality, dress code and general standards of behavior. Enforce policies and procedures outlined in student athlete handbook, team rules and apply appropriate disciplinary action.
10) Ensure the safety of student athletes and coaching staff through careful monitoring of the condition of athletic equipment and facilities utilized by the designated sport. Submit requests for repair, maintenance and improvement of facilities to the director of athletics and associate director of athletics for facilities and operations.
11) Assure that sport camps related to the sport program adhere to all rules and regulations related to scheduling and NCAA procedures.
12) Review and clearly understand all sections of department employee handbook. All department employees are accountable for following this document.
13) Additional duties as assigned by any senior level administrator.
Requisition Number: VPEM&SA12066;
Job Title: Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Department: Athletics and Recreation
Position Type: Part Time

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