Oracle DBA

Company Name:
Valleysoft Inc
Hands-on experience in Oracle 9i/10g/11g database administration support which includes installation, initial configuration, administration and support.
Database Cloning, Backup, Recovery & Performance tuning Oracle 9i/10g/11g RMAN and Tape backup integration with RMAN.
RAC 9i/10g/11g - Real Application Clusters planning, design, maintenance, installation and troubleshooting.
Oracle 12c Grid Control/OEM experience, Agent setup, configuration & troubleshooting.
Performance Monitoring & Tuning, Collection and Analysis
E.g. Staspack , AWR Analysis,ADDM analysis etc., Excellent communication and customer interaction skills.
Advance Configuration setup like Installing RAC, configuring VIP, running NETCA etc.
Routine DBA functions like User Management, tablespace management, Datapumps, Clusterware management, ASM Administration, Database Clones, backup-recovery using RMAN and patch management.
Documenting the Solution and work with Project Lead on the Deliverables Leadership and ability to take Initiative for technical improvements on existing engagements.
Maintain effective working relationships with Onsite/Onshore project team and customers and third party service providers.

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