Summer Programs 2014 Student Assistant

Company Name:
Stevens Instritute of Technology
## Requirements
Must have Federal Work Study
## Job Description
The Office of Pre-College Programs is seeking a student to assist with the operations of Stevens Summer Programs and PI International Summer Experience. The Stevens Summer programs are targeted towards rising high school freshmen through seniors who are interested in exploring various programs within the STEAM fields as well possible career opportunities. Students are accepted into the program after review of their application; a total of 650 students are expected throughout the summer.
There are 9 residential summer programs within the fields of business, engineering, science, art/music technology and social sciences. Student Assistants are expected to assist with all office tasks, which can include but are not limited to filing, organization of forms, copying, data recording, etc.
Requisition Number: VPEM&SA13126;
Job Title: Summer Programs 2014 Student Assistant
Department: Summer Pre College Programs
Position Type: Part Time

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